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Charge to the Committee

I. Name

VCUArts Library Committee

II. Charge

The VCUArts Library Committee articulates and resolves concerns raised by faculty, students, and supporters associated with VCU’s School of the Arts regarding library collections and services at VCU. Faculty and students in VCUArts may raise library issues with their departmental representative on the Committee or with any Committee member. The VCU Libraries also may bring issues affecting VCUArts, or concerns expressed by the VCUArts community, to the Committee.

The VCUArts Library Committee advises the University Librarian in areas related to overall library policy, planning, and operations for the University. The VCU Libraries may consult the Committee on

  • Formulation of library strategy and policy related to allocation and prioritization of internal and external funding and personnel assets;
  • Allocation of library space;
  • Establishment of library hours;
  • Vision and strategy for developing VCU’s libraries to advance research and instruction for VCU.

The chair of the VCUArts Library Committee acts as the representative from the School of the Arts to the University-wide VCU Libraries Advisory Committee (VLAC).

III. Membership

  • One representative from each Department in the VCU School of the Arts, elected or appointed by the Department through departmental procedures.
  • One representative from the Office of the Dean, School of the Arts.
  • University Librarian, VCU Libraries, ex-officio non-voting.

IV. Officers

  • The Committee shall elect the Chair of the Committee from among its members for a term of one year. The Chair must have served on the Committee for at least one year prior to election as Chair.
  • The Chair may serve no more than two consecutive terms.
  • The Committee shall elect or appoint other officers as it deems appropriate. The terms of each office shall be one year. Officers may serve no more than two consecutive terms.

V. Meetings

  • The Committee shall meet twice each semester. The Chair will establish the dates and times of each meeting.
  • The Chair may call meetings of the Committee at other times.
  • A simple majority of voting members constitutes a quorum. A quorum is required to hold or call meetings, or to vote on items before the Committee.

VI. Changes

  • The charge may be amended or changed by a majority vote of the Committee.
  • The Office of the Dean must approve changes to the charge that are adopted by the Committee.


All meetings are held in the 4th floor conference room of James Branch Cabell Library (except where specified) and will begin at 5:00 pm.

Membership 2011-2012

Faculty Representatives

  • Charles Brownell, Art History
  • Josh Chenard, Theatre
  • Susie Ganch, Crafts/Materials
  • Sonali Gulati, Photography & Film
  • Khaled Hamid, Fashion Design/Merchandising
  • Matt King, Art Foundation
  • Lea Marshall, Dance/Choreography
  • Roy McKelvey, Graphic Design
  • Ying-Fang Shen, Communication Arts
  • Pamela Taylor, Art Education
  • Barbara C. Tisserat, Painting & Printmaking
  • Roberto Ventura, Interior Design
  • Stephen Vitiello, Kinetic Imaging
  • Yuki D. Hibben, VCU Libraries
  • Kristina Keogh, VCU Libraries

VCU Libraries

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Toll-free: (866) 828-2665
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All Libraries
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509 N. 12th St., Richmond, VA 23298-0582
Toll-free: (866) 828-2665
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