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VCU Libraries Boards

VCU Libraries works with two volunteer library boards, the Friends of VCU Libraries and the James Branch Cabell Library Associates.

  • The Friends of VCU Libraries Board was founded in 1983 with the mission of strenghtening VCU Libraries resources and services in order to prepare VCU students for a lifetime of learning and to provide scholarly resources for faculty and staff. The board offers advice and support to the libraries' senior staff and sponsors programs and events throughout the year, including the Annual Friends of VCU Libraries Book Sale.
  • The James Branch Cabell Library Associates Board, founded in 1972, promotes the critical study and preservation of the collection of Richmond writer James Branch Cabell, for whom the library building on the Monroe Park campus is named. The board sponsors public programs designed to encourage discussion among audiences of students, faculty, staff and community members. Additionally, the board supports the acquisition and preservation of Cabell-related materials housed in Special Collections and Arcives at Cabell Library.

Friends of VCU Libraries Board

20142015 Members

  • Dr. John Mahoney, President
  • Mrs. Kate Peeples Brown
  • Mr. Nick T. Cooke, Past President
  • Dr. M. Imad Damaj
  • Mr. David R. Dennier
  • Mr. Ali Faruk
  • Dr. David F. Gardner
  • Ms. Carol Hampton
  • Ms. Stephanie L. Holt
  • Mr. Hatley Mason
  • Dr. Cynthia Messmer
  • Mr. James T. Moore, III, Past President
  • Dr. Stephen T. Sawyer
  • Mr. John Jay Schwartz
  • Dr. Arthur Seidenberg
  • Ms. Sandy Sisisky
  • Mrs. Nancy C. Thomas

Emeritus Members

  • Ms. Kathleen B. Barrett
  • Dr. Joann N. Bodurtha
  • Dr. Mary Corley
  • Dr. Carmen F. Foster
  • Dr. Allen S. Lee
  • Ms. Elva Mapp
  • Ms. Janice McMurray
  • Mr. Howard Minor
  • Dr. Barbara A. Munjas
  • Dr. Edward H. Peeples
  • Dr. Philip J. Schwarz
  • Ms. Melinda Skinner
  • Ms. Cricket G. White
  • Ms. Bonnie Winston 

James Branch Cabell Library Associates Board

20142015 Officers

  • Mr. Walter Dotts III, President
  • Mr. Billy Ellyson, Vice President & Nominating Committee Chair
  • Ms. Elizabeth S. Morgan, Nominating Committee Co-chair
  • Mrs. Mary Rennolds Zeugner, Secretary/Treasurer

20142015 Members

  • Dr. M. Thomas Inge
  • Mr. Brockenbrough Aubin Lamb
  • Ms. Tricia Pearsall
  • Mr. John Zeugner

Emeritus Members

  • Ms. Priscilla Harriss Cabell
  • Dr. Maurice Duke
  • Ms. Elizabeth Cabell Jennings
  • Mrs. Betty Scott
  • Ms. Sarah Bird Wright

VCU Libraries

James Branch Cabell Library Monroe Park Campus
901 Park Ave., Box 842033
Richmond, VA 23284-2033
Toll-free: (844) 352-7399
(804) 828-1111
All Libraries
Tompkins-McCaw Library MCV Campus
509 N. 12th St., Box 980582
Richmond, VA 23298-0582
Toll-free: (844) 352-7399
(804) 828-0636

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