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Initiatives: Scholars Compass

August 29, 2014

How scholars share research and knowledge with society is fast becoming one of the most pressing concerns in academia today.

Scholars Compass is our new publishing platform for the intellectual output of VCU’s academic, research and administrative communities. Its goal is to provide wide and stable access to the exemplary work of VCU’s faculty, researchers, students and staff.

The platform is one key aspect of a growing program.

VCU Libraries will play a major role in designing and staffing campuswide scholarly communications initiatives that support and expand scholarly expression of all kinds. The libraries will assist faculty in the appropriate use of scholarly materials in teaching and research, both in the classroom and online. Librarian experts will also work to expand the university community's awareness of issues related to copyright, author's rights, mainstream and alternative publishing and emerging scholarly expression, as well as confident assertion of fair use and author rights in the use of digital and print materials for teaching and research.

VCU Libraries aspires to:

  • Serve as the university's primary resource and adviser on issues pertaining to copyright (including the potential for violations and the potential for assertive use of materials), fair use, author's rights and related issues;
  • Create and maintain educational resources for faculty and students on copyright compliance;
  • Work closely with the Office of General Counsel, VCU Technology Services, the Office of Research, and other units on issues and programs related to scholarly expression and scholarly communication;
  • Help faculty use printed and digital materials for educational and research use and help faculty understand their responsibilities and rights in the development and use of their own scholarship;
  • Monitor national policy issues and legal developments, and inform and educate the VCU community about trends and developments;
  • Lead the university in developing means to understand, assess and advance alternative and emerging avenues for scholarly expression;
  • Consult with faculty and university leadership regarding existing and emerging modes for publication and scholarly expression;
  • Assist in developing a vision for policies, strategies, programs and staffing that supports and advances emerging new modes of scholarly expression by faculty throughout the university, including the development of a VCU-supported publication system.

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