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Academic Outreach

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NameE-mail and Phone
Julie Arendt
Science and Engineering Research Librarian (Assistant Professor)
(804) 828-1539
Nita L. Bryant
Behavioral and Social Sciences Research Librarian (Assistant Professor)
(804) 828-6651
Nell Chenault
Film and Performing Arts Research Librarian (Instructor)
(804) 828-2070
Carla-Mae Crookendale
Visual Arts Research Librarian
(804) 827-0367
John Glover
Humanities Research Librarian (Assistant Professor)
(804) 828-6555
Bettina Peacemaker
Assistant Head, Academic Outreach and Business Research Librarian (Assistant Professor)
(804) 828-8960
Martha Roseberry
Science and Engineering Research Librarian (Instructor)
(804) 828-2347
Marilyn Scott
Education Research Librarian (Assistant Professor)
(804) 828-9049
Sara Elizabeth Williams
Head, Academic Outreach (Assistant Professor)
(804) 828-6339

VCU Libraries

James Branch Cabell Library Monroe Park Campus
901 Park Ave., Richmond, VA 23284-2033
Toll-free: (866) 828-2665
(804) 828-1111
All Libraries
Tompkins-McCaw Library MCV Campus
509 N. 12th St., Richmond, VA 23298-0582
Toll-free: (866) 828-2665
(804) 828-0636

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