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Government Document Withdrawn Titles

The following print titles are no longer available in the collection because they have an electronic format, they are obsolete, or they do not align with current VCU curricular or research programs. Addiitonal titles will be added to this list as they are identified. 

C 51.9/3 Government Reports Announcements  
C 51.9/4 Government Reports Annual Index  
D 213.11 Nautical Almanac Retain volumes 2010-2014 (FA)
D 213.8: year Astronomical Alamanac Retain volumes 2008-2012 (FA)
D213.7: year The Air Almanac  
D213.8: year The American Ephemeris and Nautical Almanac  
E 1.11 Energy Abstracts for Political Analysis  
E 1.17 Energy Research Abstracts (also ERDA energy research abstracts)  
E 2.17 FERC  
E 3.18/3 Statistics of Publicly Owned Electric Utilities  
E 3.18/4 (-2)
Financial Statistics of Selected Electric Utilities
E 3.18/4-2  
E 3.18/4-3  
E3.18/2 Statistics of Privately Owned Electric Utilities  
E3.22: year Typical Electric bills  
ED 1.2/15    
ED 1.302 M42/14 NAEP  
EP 1.21/7 EPA Publication Prib  
EP 1.21/7-2 Environment Adm. Dec.  
GA 1.16/4 GAO Docs  
GS 4.108/2 CFR  
GS 4.111 US Statutes at Large  
HE 1.48 Tox Research  
HE1.57 Financial Assistance by Geographic Area  
HE 3.5 SO 1 Amendment to Social Security  
I 19.14 Publications of US Geological Survey  
I 19.14/4: New Publications of the U.S. Geological Survey  
I 29.6 National Parks  
129.6/2 National Seashores  
I 29.6/3 National Lakeshores  
I 29.6/4 Rivers  
I 29.6/5 Trails  
I 29.6/6 Historic Sites  
LC 19.10 Talking Books Topics  
LC 19.11/2 For Younger Readers  
LC 19.11/4    
LC 30.9 Monthly Checklist of State Publications  
NAS 1.29/3-2 NASA Technical Briefs  
NAS 1.9/4 STAR (Scientific and Technical Aerospace Reports  
NS 1.2 Initial Report of the Deep Sea Drilling project  
PM 1.16 Personnel Literature  
SE 1.29 SEC Docket  
SE 1.9 SEC Docket  
  Bank Regulations  
T 12.25 IRS Forms (various titles)  
T 22.51/2 Tax Practitioners Reproducible Kit  
T22.51/3 Tax Practitioner Update  
T 22.57 Reproducible Tax Forms  
Y 3. N88: 21/2 NUREG  
Y 4. P93/1 Congressional Directory  

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