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Reserves Information For Faculty

Faculty can request to reserve materials, including books, media, and electronic materials.

Materials Accepted

  • Library-owned materials from the circulating collections
  • Instructor- or department-owned materials including books, ebooks, textbooks, journal articles, exams, lecture notes, AV media, computer software, electronic files and other materials
  • Reproductions of materials with copyright permission, such as journal articles, chapters from books and music pieces from sound recordings
  • VCU produced works, such as reports and conference recording
  • Web-based resources such as links to faculty Web pages, government resources and public domain resources

VCU Libraries reserves the right to reject for Reserves any material that it deems violates copyright law. Faculty members are responsible for acquiring permissions beyond those provided by the Copyright Act.

Collection Management will consider purchasing suggested materials that are not in the Libraries' collection.


Course reserve requests require a separate form for each semester. 

Materials delivered must be accompanied by one of the following:

  • A print out of online reserves form submittal screen or email receipt
  • Online form request number
  • PDF reserve request form

Note: When more than one instructor chooses the same item, the loan period will be the shortest requested.

Provide complete citations for each item.

Submit materials in first-use priority and indicate the assignment "start" and "end" date. This allows prioritized processing at the beginning of the semester.

Electronic Reserves

Physical originals or copies:

  • Provide original books, journals and documents for scanning or digitizing. Originals are preferred for the best quality reproduction.
  • Photocopies should include a copy of the document's title and copyright page.
  • Disc labels or case must include the title to appear in the reserves catalog, work citations and a copyright statement.
  • Long documents will be divided into short segments to allow for faster downloads.
  • Examples may include works "born digital" or digital copies made by the faculty, e.g. MPEG-4, mp3, pdf, avi or wav files

Digital originals or copies:

  • Examples may include works "born digital" or digital copies made by the faculty, e.g. MPEG-4, mp3, pdf, avi, or wav files
  • Files may be delivered on disks or emailed as attachments. Include brief information concerning course number and abbreviation, online form Request Number, and file names. Information Services:; Tompkins-McCaw:
  • Contact your reserves coordinator if you have questions or want to explore other methods of digital file submittal, such as a file hosting service such as Dropbox or VCU's Blackboard Content System.

Processing Time

Materials are processed in the order of receipt. A confirmation email will be sent to the instructor when processing is complete.

Processing time:

  • 1 week at the beginning of a semester
  • 3 working days during slower periods
  • Longer time periods may be required for recalled materials or new purchases

Review your course listing.

Additions and Removals

Items can be added to or removed from an existing course using the Course Reserves Request. The form can also be used to deactivate a course. If you are taking a course off of reserve, you can indicate the preferred method of return for your personal items -- campus mail or pick up from the library.


If the same material is used for another semester, you must reactivate the course through the Course Reserves Request.  Otherwise, your course will not display in the reserves list for the next semester and materials will be removed from reserves. At the end of the semester, you will receive an email reminder to update your course reserves.


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