Inclusion and Diversity Initiatives


  • Offered three fellowships in Summer 2022 for undergraduates as part of its American Rescue Plan grant project, concluding with workshops in Fall 2023 designed to help bridge information literacy gaps for transfer, first-generation, and students of color.
  • The Inclusive Service Excellence Work Group (established by VCU Libraries' Research & Learning Division) concluded its work to examine and make recommendations to ensure that the division’s approach and guidelines towards service excellence reflect principles of inclusion and equity, including services for students, staff, and faculty at VCU Libraries' busiest service points.
  • VCU Libraries received a generous gift for the creation of the VCU Publishing Research Awards: honoraria that support scholars whose research expands the Social Welfare History Project’s resources. This year’s awardees have contributed research on disability education, Black community organizing in Richmond, Va., support for veterans, HIV awareness, citizenship, race, and education in a U.S.territory, and the history of an orphanage for African American children.
  • Joined as a supporting member of punctum books, an independent, queer, peer-reviewed open access publisher
  • Published a new Racism and Health Guide to promote understanding, support teaching, and inspire research about racism and health.
  • Continued to offer programming and events for the VCU community, including:


  • Conducted a survey of faculty and focus groups to understand how to best communicate about the tensions and unsustainable costs of purchasing online access to journals controlled by commercial publishers. As part of this work, the committee created a values statement committing to Sustainability, Transparency, Openness and Inclusivity.
  • Building gender inclusive restrooms at both Cabell Library and the Health Sciences Library.
  • The Fines, Fees, and Equity Work Group reviewed how the fines and fee structure impacts user groups and made recommendations regarding all policies related to borrowing fines and fees at VCU Libraries, considering how particular user groups may be disproportionately affected by library fines, fees and associated policies.
  • Revamped faculty and staff recruitment processes with an eye toward inclusion.
  • Addressed VCU Libraries expectations for professionalism through a Faculty organization resolution on cultural competence.
  • Installed Little Ram Pantries in both Cabell Library and the Health Sciences Library as part of a pilot project to help address food insecurity among financially challenged students.
  • The Libraries Inclusion and Diversity Committee organized the Walking the Ward tour, which deepened the knowledge of and connection to Jackson Ward, a neighborhood that is steeped in the history of Black life in Richmond and is located between the Monroe Park Campus and the MCV Campus.
  • Read more about the Libraries’ efforts in Reconnection: VCU Libraries 2021-22 Year in Review