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VCU Libraries Community Zooms: What's Everyone Reading?


A series of brief virtual events designed for the VCU Libraries community, highlighting timely subjects, celebrating achievements, practicing creativity and more.

Sessions are held Thursdays at 10:30 a.m. and last approximately a half hour to 45 minutes each. Attendees may join via Zoom. To receive a link to join the sessions, or for questions, please contact the VCU Libraries Development Office at


Please contact the VCU Libraries Development Office at


Thursdays at 10:30 a.m.


June 4
What's Everyone Reading?
Led by Kelly Gotschalk, Gregory Kimbrell and Ward Teft of Chop Suey Books
As summer approaches, Ward Teft of Chop Suey Books joins VCU Libraries in a roundtable about exciting new books and great summer reading projects. Attendees are invited to share about books they're reading or planning to tackle this summer.

July 30
The History and Impact of Advertising Icons
Led by Kelly O'Keefe and Pattie Sobczak
Former Brandcenter professor and managing director Kelly O'Keefe has been collecting memorabilia pertaining to advertising icons for more than 30 years. In this session, he explores favorite pieces from his collection, digitally available through VCU LIbraries Scholars Compass.

Additional sessions coming soon.


April 30
Celebrating Preservation Week: Collections Care Activities at VCU Libraries and Preserving Your Personal Treasures
Led by Nora Bloch
Find out how VCU Libraries protects its valuable collections of books, artifacts and art and learn how to preserve your own family treasures and documents in this session with Preservation Librarian Nora Bloch.

May 7
Virtual Awards Program: Student Book Collecting Contest and Friends of VCU Libraries T-shirt Design Contest
Led by Matteo Pangallo and Antonia Vassar
Meet the talented winners of these two contests for students and learn about their winning submissions and what inspires them.

May 14
Finding Trusted Information About COVID-19
Led by Dana Ladd and John Cyrus
The amount of information available on COVID-19 can be overwhelming. Librarians from the MCV Campus (Tompkins-McCaw Libary for the Health Sciences and the VCU Medical Center Health and Wellness Library) provide tips for identifying reliable health information and walk attendees through their detailed online guide. Resources for patients, health care providers and the community will be provided.

May 21
Walkthrough of the New VCU Libraries Website
Led by Ashley Brewer
Web Systems Librarian Ashley Brewer, who has led the recent redesign of the library website, guides attendees through the new site, discusses the decision-making process behind it and invites feedback.

May 28
Docent-guided Virtual Tour of VCU Libraries Galleries
Led by Alice Campbell
VCU Libraries offers dozens of digital exhibits in its online galleries. Digital Outreach and Special Projects Librarian Alice Campbell leads attendees through this virtual space, sharing highlights and tips on how to get the most from your own explorations.


Prior to joining a session, attendees are encouraged to check that Zoom is working properly on their computers or devices by testing it at

At the start of every session, attendee's microphones will be muted. This allows everyone to hear the organizers and presenters clearly. Attendees will be invited to unmute their microphones and speak at different times during the session.

If you have questions or comments while others are speaking, you can type them in the chat or, if the chat is unaccessible, contact Gregory Kimbrell, the chat moderator, by text at (804) 393-2951 or by email at

As at physical events, attendees are asked to help make sessions inclusive of all participants by using respectful language and allowing others to speak, even if they disagree with viewpoints being expressed.

VCU Libraries reserves the right to remove attendees from sessions for disruptive behavior.

Be advised that VCU Libraries will record all sessions for its private archives but may make use of the recordings for future projects, including publicity.

Image: Photo by Allie Smith from Unsplash