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Faculty Organization

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The VCU Libraries Faculty Organization provides a forum to express opinions and concerns freely; to exercise educational, advisory, administrative, and service functions; and to participate in University governance. Each person who has a faculty appointment with VCU Libraries is a member of the Faculty Organization.



Officers serve one-year terms. Term of office begins July 1.

  • Hillary Miller (Chair, -2020)
  • Emily Hurst (Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect, -2021)
  • Jenny Stout (Secretary, -2020)

Peer Review Committee

Members serve three-year terms. Term of office begins May 1.

  • Ibironke Lawal (Chair, -2020)
  • Emily Davis Winthrop (-2021)
  • My Guidarelli (-2022)

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is appointed by the chair each academic year.

  • Nora Bloch
  • Yuki Hibben
  • Shirley Thomas 

The Faculty Development Committee consists of the Faculty Org chair, a representative of the Peer Review Committee, and three members appointed by the Faculty Org chair each academic year.

  • Dana Ladd (Chair)
  • Ibironke Lawal, Peer Review Committee
  • Hillary Miller, Faculty Org Chair
  • Tim Siegel
  • Stacey Wahl

Elected Representatives

Faculty Senate

Representatives serve three-year terms; alternates serve for one year. Term of office begins August 15.

  • Denise Branch (-2020)
  • Sergio Chaparro (-2022)
  • Erica Brody (1st Alternate, -2020)
  • Janet Reid (2nd Alternate, -2020)

University Council

Representatives and alternates serve two-year terms. Term of office begins at the start of the academic year.

  • Andrea Kohashi (-2020)
  • Tom McNulty (-2021)
  • Nina Exner (Alternate, -2020)

University Grievance Panel

Representative and alternate serve three-year terms. Term of office begins August 15.

  • Megan Hodge (-2021)
  • Karen Gau (Alternate, -2022)

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