Students sitting in the Reflection Room

Reflection Room

This new space is proposed for the second floor of Cabell Library. Only private funds will be used in the construction. The naming of the space in recognition of a major gift begins at $150,000.

VCU, the most diverse university in Virginia, proudly embraces its multifaceted community. Students come from all over the world, fit into all age groups, reflect all income levels and express many faith traditions and spiritual practices. VCU Libraries aspires to provide an appropriate and respectful space for all to engage in the practice of meditation, to seek a wellness or mindfulness respite,  in prayer, or simply to retreat briefly into a peaceful contemplation space.

Design for the room is moving forward in consultation with many throughout VCU. Policies governing the use of the facility will be developed following best practices for reflection rooms. 

Key goals for the project include:

  • Creating an exemplary reflection room that other universities will wish to emulate
  • Complementing and extending our existing excellent spaces for academic pursuit and physical enrichment with much-needed space for mindfulness, wellness, prayer and contemplative or spiritual retreat
  • A design that will serve all who seek a reflective space for a respite

To learn more about this giving opportunity, please contact: Kelly J. Gotschalk, Director of Development and Major Gifts, (804) 827-1163.