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Stacey E. Wahl

Stacey Wahl in the library holding a book

Research and Education Librarian

Assistant Professor
Tompkins-McCaw Library, Research and Education

(804) 828-0622
Tompkins-McCaw Library for the Health Sciences, RED Suite

After several years in the VCU Department of Biology, Stacey E. Wahl, Ph.D.,  joined the faculty at Tompkins-McCaw Library for the Health Sciences in fall 2018. As a research and education librarian, she focuses her outreach and teaching efforts on students, postdoctoral fellows,  and faculty in the basic sciences at the VCU School of Medicine. She offers researchers a unique mix of information management and research knowledge combined with hands-on expertise in laboratory research.

A neuroscientist, Wahl earned her doctorate in biomedical sciences from Rutgers University and Rutgers Biomedical Health Sciences in 2014. Her dissertation explored the role of a particular kinase, mTOR, in the process of oligodendrocyte development and the myelination of the central nervous system. During her thesis research, Stacey utilized mouse models and primary cell culture to explore these topics. She received an individual predoctoral grant from the NIH to conduct this research. She holds a B.A. in interdisciplinary biology and psychology from the University of Delaware, where she began her research career in physical therapy.

She came to VCU in 2014 as an IRACDA postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Biology working on signaling mechanisms that underlie orofacial development. She beginning with folic acid and then continued by working on the downstream mechanisms of retinoic acid during orofacial development. She analyzed two large genomic screens to identify potential pathways that may interact with retinoic acid. At the conclusion of her IRACDA fellowship, Wahl received an individual postdoctoral grant from the NIH to research the development of the characteristic facial features associated with Trisomy 21.

She has a proven track record of receiving NIH grants, vast technical expertise, and presentation skills that enable her to work closely with students, postdocs and faculty who seek support on research methodology or communicating their research to different audiences.

As an IRACDA fellow, Wahl learned about current pedagogical methods and taught Cell & Molecular Biology at Virginia State University. At VCU, she has taught several guest lectures in undergraduate and graduate courses on biology topics and career development. She also taught Cell and Molecular Biology to VCU undergraduates.

Her research interests include oligodendrocyte development, cell signaling and facial development.  She is broadly interested in effectively communicating research in grant writing, scientific publication, theses and to the general public. As a librarian, she hopes to use these interests and her background and training to be an asset to VCU’s basic science community.


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