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Tools and apps

Research guides

VCU librarians prepare research guides that bring together a variety of library resources to support research on specific topics. The guides are organized by:

Managing citations

RefWorks is a free and powerful online research management, writing and collaboration tool. It will help you easily gather, organize, store and share information, and to instantly generate citations and bibliographies.

Google Scholar

Learn more about how to set up Google Scholar to connect to VCU resources.

Connecting apps and software

Mobile apps or other research tools may ask for these addresses:

  • Proxy address:
  • OpenURL address:

Endnote and Z39.50

Endnote and other citation management software allow you to search VCU Libraries' collections directly using the Z39.50 protocol. Connection information:

  • Server address:
  • Port: 1921
  • Database name: 01VCU_INST
  • Recordtype: USMARC

Mobile tools

  • Browzine: Discover, read, and monitor top journals in your field from your iPad or tablet.
  • Discover Hot ArticlesDownload an app for iPhone, iPod or Android that shows you popular articles in your field.

Hit a paywall? Try these browser add-ons

Drag the bookmarklet links below to your browser's bookmarks toolbar or right-click and add to favorites.

  • UnPaywall: free, legal Chrome add-on powered by a database of millions of author-uploaded PDFs
  • Open Access button: search the web for an open-access version of a paper
  • #icanhazpdf VCU: access paywalled journals, articles and other library resources from off-campus without going through the library website
  • NYT articles via VCU Libraries: if an article is not available to you for free on the New York Times website, use this bookmarklet to access the article through the VCU Libraries LexisNexis subscription

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