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Research Data Management

Learn more about data management in this research guide. If you have observational, experimental, simulation, derived or compiled data, we can help:

  • Introduce your research team or class to the Open Science Framework (OSF), to facilitate management of workflows, collaboration, version control, and data archiving. 
  • Assist you in developing and writing your data management plan and make sure you have included types of data, standards, policies for access and sharing, archiving and preservation plans;
  • Teach a workshop so your research team or students know how to organize and manage data;
  • Connect you with other VCU groups that can help with the storage, security and analysis of your data;
  • Identify data repositories to preserve and/or share your data, such as the new VCU institutional repository, VCU Scholars Compass;
  • Suggest metadata and documentation to make your data searchable and assure you are credited.

More help

Contact our Research Data Management Team.

Featured resources

  • Open Science Framework (OSF) - A free, open source web application built to help researchers manage their workflows. The OSF is part collaboration tool, part version control software, and part data archive. The OSF connects to popular tools researchers already use, like Dropbox, Box, Github and Mendeley, to streamline workflows and increase efficiency.
  • DMPTool for VCU researchers – A step-by-step template to help you prepare data management plans or data sharing plans for NSF, NIH, DOE and other funders’ grants.
  • Data Management Workshops - Check the VCU Libraries events calendar or the VCU Libraries home page Events section for free sessions on data management.

How managing your data helps

  • Planning can save time later when data are easy to find, use, analyze and share with your collaborators.
  • Proper storage and backups help prevent data loss.
  • Some funders require a data management plan. VCU Libraries provides DMPTool, an easy way to use templates to create the data management plans you need.
  • Some journals now require data to be deposited and made available in a repository, such as VCU Scholars Compass.
  • Storing your data with proper documentation ensures others can discover and build on your research, and you will get credit when others use your data.

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