Renovations at Tompkins-McCaw Library begin Dec. 16

November 16, 2016

Tompkins-McCaw Library for the Health Sciences is getting a facelift. The first floor will get new carpet, furniture and a new information service desk.

Construction is scheduled to start Dec. 16 with the most disruptive work taking place over the winter break to minimize inconvenience to faculty, staff and students.

But, be prepared for noise and disruption through January 2017.

The library will remain open during its regularly scheduled hours. While some sections of the first floor will be closed, other study spaces on the second floor and lower level offer alternatives.

Noise alerts and updates will be posted to the home page. Earplugs are available at the Service Desk.

Too noisy for you? Consider taking the Campus Connector shuttle to Cabell Library's new fourth floor Graduate and Faculty Research Center. All grad students and faculty have keycard access. 

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