Instructions & Guides

The Workshop offers many ways to learn. It supports guided learning for groups or in classes, equipment demonstrations, one-on-one assistance and online resources, as well as a knowledgeable staff. To schedule a consultation or ask a question, contact (804) 827-3594 or

Orientations and Workshops

Orientation sessions are required to be able to reserve and use some equipment in the Makerspace and the studios. Orientations provide an introduction to the spaces and best practices for their use. Orientations are scheduled conveniently throughout the week and do not require advance registration. Orientations are listed in the calendar on The Workshop home page.

Production Guides

Production guides help users create projects from start to finish using resources from The Workshop.

Equipment Start-up Guides

Equipment start-up guides provide step-by-step instructions for operating equipment and spaces in The Workshop. These guides are helpful when using the resources after attending an orientation.




Software tutorials and online training

LinkedIn Learning offers self-paced online tutorials on a range of multimedia software and processes. YouTube also has a variety of tutorials.


Instructional efforts and outreach to faculty and classes includes these: 

  • Tours of The Workshop in general or focusing on particular resources
  • Class sessions about resources and practices taught in the course classroom or in The Workshop
  • One-on-one or small group assistance related to particular projects
  • Curriculum development
  • Support for faculty in new knowledge creation and in creative expression

Every faculty need is a little different, so the best first step is to get in touch with