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Aerial Photography of VCU's Past

Aerial Photography of VCU's Past

The standard brochure cover photo of many American campuses is from a central quad on a bright spring day. For a school integrated tightly into the fabric of a city like VCU is on its MCV Campus, space is too precious for large expanses of turf to symbolize the institution, and from the mid-20th century, school leaders looked skyward for signature shots. Many of these images made their way into VCU Libraries Special Collections and Archives. This exhibit features a selection of 20 annotated and enhanced aerial photographs.

Health Sciences Library, First-floor Gallery
Founding Monsters

Founding Monsters

Founding Monsters is a comic book that tells the story of the Founding Fathers and their obsession with prehistoric megafauna, especially mastodons and giant ground sloths. This exhibit presents all 20 pages in poster-size format so that visitors can both read the comic and immerse themselves in the detail of the artwork.

James Branch Cabell Library, First-floor Gallery

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