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James Branch Cabell Library

James Branch Cabell Library on Monroe Park Campus is the busiest academic library in Virginia and stays open long hours to meet the needs of VCU’s students.

About Cabell Library

Health Sciences Library

Health Sciences Library is a top-tier health sciences library and holds one of the most extensive collections of health sciences literature in North America

About Health Sciences Library

VCU Medical Center Health and Wellness Library

The Health and Wellness Library, located in the Gateway Building of the VCU Medical Center (1200 E. Marshall St.), offers many free programs on health topics, and the library has abundant resources on health, fitness, illness and wellbeing. It offers business center resources for patients and their families who have needs during a hospital stay. The library is free and open to all 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday and also offers online resources. 



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