Latest service and space updates: VCU Libraries COVID-19 response

Collections overview

Adhering to the mission and values of Virginia Commonwealth University and VCU Libraries, the purpose of collection management is to develop exemplary collections that support the University's academic programs, research agenda, health care and outreach efforts, and the overall direction of the future of VCU in its local and global presence. University faculty depend upon VCU Libraries to provide resources that enliven the learning experience. In turn, students rely on VCU Libraries for materials including media and technologies that allow for the creation of new knowledge. We are committed to building a collection that allows researchers at all levels across the VCU community to engage with information in the most creative ways possible.

Sustaining our journal collections

We are assembling, evaluating, and sharing some important information about journal package cost, usage, and growth trends. This will help us assess whether large journal packages, often called “Big Deals”, provide good value and represent a sustainable part of our overall investment in information on behalf of the University. More about sustainable investments and open access support.

Trial databases

VCU Libraries users have temporary access to databases while they are under consideration for a subscription. Your feedback is very valuable in this selection process, so please let us know what you think of these resources.

No active trials at this time.

Collection librarian contacts

  • Karen Cary, Head of Collection Analysis and Investment and Social and Behavioral Sciences Collections Librarian
  • Karen Gau, Health Sciences Collections Librarian
  • Emily Winthrop, Arts Collections Librarian
  • Kevin Farley, Humanities Collections Librarian
  • Ibironke Lawal, Engineering and Science Collections Librarian
  • Patricia Sobczak, Business and Public Affairs Collections Librarian

Suggest a purchase

If you have a reccomendation for the VCU Libraries collections, please fill out our form to suggest a purchase. Please review our collection guidelines and check VCU Libraries Search to verify that the item is not already in our collections.