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Teresa L. Knott sworn in as president and others take on key national roles

May 12, 2016
Teresa L. Knott will be sworn in as  president of the board of the Medical Libraries Association at its May 13-18 conference in Toronto. Knott is an Associate University Librarian and Director of Tompkins-McCaw Library for the Health Sciences. The MLA is the nation's leading organization devoted to health sciences librarianship.
In addition to Knott's leadership role, others from the MCV campus library are also taking on key roles. Roy Brown is the new Chair of the Rising Stars Committee and Emily Hurst has been appointed to serve a two-year term as a member of the Rising Stars Committee. She will also serve as a Rising Stars project mentor. Irene Lubker has been elected the Chair-elect for the Dental Section.
Activism in professional and scholarly organizations is a sign of leadership in academic libraries. And faculty in the research and education department are making these contributions at the 2016 conference:
  • Poster: Be Part of the Big Picture Through Community Engagement: Collaboration and Partnership Provide Summer Library Programs for Middle School Students. Authors: Irene Lubker, Dana Ladd and Thelma Mack
  • Poster: Therapy Dogs in a Patient Library. Dana Ladd
  • Paper: Seeing the Big Picture: Sustaining Success in Liaison Services. Authors: Roy Brown, John Cyrus, Karen Gau, Irene Lubker, Jennifer McDaniel, Barbara Wright and Emily Hurst
  • Paper: Examining the Pieces: Usability Testing to Improve Outreach to Unaffiliated Health Professionals. Authors: Emily Hurst, Irene Lubker, Barbara Wright
  • Paper: Enhancing Understanding of a Research Discipline Through the Use of Text Mining Analyses. Authors: Jennifer McDaniel and Jane Yatcilla of Purdue University. 
  • Lightning talk: Crafting a Mosaic: Partnerships Between Health Sciences Libraries, Postdocs, and More by Karen Gau
  • Lightning talk: Mosaic Collaborations: Research Speed Networking for Clinicians, Engineers and Scientists by Karen Gau and Pam Dillon from VCU CCTR.
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