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Art students exhibit their research processes and paths

December 8, 2017
One image from 'Mapping Spaces' exhibit shows notations and flowchart

Mapping Space Research, an installation by Lily Cox-Richard's fall semester Space Research class features collections of research and investigations of multiple VCU spaces. Each of the projects in this exhibit maps a research journey. 

The exhibit, installed on the first floor of Cabell Library on a central wall near Room 121, is free and open to all. 

The first step of the project was for the students to find an article in a current periodical that related in some way to issues of space and creative practice. From there, students identified possible directions and let their curiosity lead the way. In each node of research, they found new portals, and their investigations continued to branch in multiple directions. Students explored VCU Libraries' digital and special collections and stacks, consulted with off-campus libraries and museums, engaged in field research and conducted interviews. 

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