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Donate, please: Books needed for fall 2017 book sale

June 26, 2017

The 2016 Friends of VCU Libraries book sale was so very successful, the stock of donated materials was virtually exhausted. Please help us get ready for the October 26-30, 2017 sale by clearing out your unwanted books and donating them to VCU Libraries. 

Donated materials make a real difference to VCU Libraries and to the university as a whole. Sometimes, donated materials are selected for inclusion in the library collections so that researchers can make use of them. Most donated materials go to the Annual Friends of VCU Libraries Book Sale, which is staffed by dedicated Friends of VCU Libraries volunteers and generates income to purchase new resources for VCU Libraries and to support Friends of VCU Libraries events.

What materials can be donated?

  • Hardback and paperback fiction and non-fiction, art books, cookbooks, etc.
  • Comic books and graphic novels
  • Audiobooks in any format
  • Movie DVDs and music CDs and LPs

Many other items are often accepted for donation, so please ask. See below for contact information.

What materials cannot be donated?

  • Materials in very poor condition
  • Textbooks older than three years
  • Reader’s Digest Condensed Books
  • Encyclopedia sets
  • Individual issues of popular magazines
  • Training manuals or notebooks
  • Computer software and manuals
  • VHS and audio cassette tapes

What materials might go into the library collections?

  • Publications by current VCU faculty
  • Virginia- or Richmond-specific history books and sound and video recordings
  • Comic books, graphic novels and other comics-related materials
  • Pieces of book art
  • Books on the health sciences
  • University- and society-press titles
  • A large collection on a particular topic or by a particular author
  • Rare books, first editions or signed books
  • Important historic single issues of newspapers, magazine and journals

How to donate:

  1. Make an appointment to deliver your materials to us by contacting LaJuan Neal, development associate, at (804) 827-3616 or Or, we can arrange for volunteers to pick up your items from your home or office. 
  2. Print and complete our donation form. It should be submitted with your materials. The form will allow us to process your donation and to send you a thank-you letter.
  3. Check through your materials before delivering them, and remove inscriptions, names or other identifying or confidential material.

Please note all donated materials become the property of VCU. Materials cannot be returned to their donors.  

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