Virtual Library Fest welcomes students to the fall semester

August 19, 2021

As part of VCU’s Weeks of Welcome, incoming students can sample the resources and research support that VCU Libraries has to offer through Library Fest, a series of brief, casual videos featuring a variety of library departments and services.

The videos will be rolled out during the Weeks of Welcome on social media and will also be shared directly with faculty and staff to pass along to classes, student employees and interns.

“The intention behind the videos is to begin building a relationship between students and the libraries,” says Megan Hodge, head of teaching and learning at James Branch Cabell Library. “We want students to feel welcome at the libraries and to form the good habit of visiting, whether in person or online, for their study and research needs.”

Videos include:

  • Welcome to VCU Libraries
  • James Branch Cabell Library Tours
  • Health Sciences Library Operations
  • Information Services and Learning Spaces
  • Research and Education
  • Academic Outreach
  • What to Expect from a Library Consultation
  • Resource Sharing and Delivery
  • The Health and Wellness Library
  • The Textbook Affordability Initiative
  • Digital Engagement
  • The Workshop
  • Special Collections and Archives

“The libraries are an essential component of academic wellness,” says Emily Hurst, deputy director of the Health Sciences Library. “We look forward to welcoming new students this fall and being a part of their VCU journey from start to finish.”

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