Librarians will help researchers prepare for new NIH data sharing rules

January 11, 2022

Are you interested in NIH grants? Be aware that next year will bring new data management and sharing requirements. All NIH-funded research that produces scientific data–any dollar amount and any funding mechanism– is affected. That means that a lot more NIH proposals will be required to submit a Data Management and Sharing Plan (DMSP) for their grant.

Plus, data resulting from NIH grants will need to be shared whenever possible by the end of the grant period. Data sharing is expected regardless of whether that data is associated with a publication or not. Therefore, not only do the new DMSP requirements affect a lot more grants, they also affect a lot more data and at a faster timeline than under the current NIH rules.

VCU Libraries has more information at

For many research teams, this change will require changing data workflows during data collection, cleaning and analysis. 

If you’re looking for support in developing new data workflows, VCU Libraries can help. Librarians are available to talk to classes about data management, open data, F.A.I.R. data and reproducibility. Need a consulation on data management and sharing plans? Talk to your specialist librarian Erin Carrillo (, Julie Arendt (, Ronke Lawal (, Stacey Wahl (, or Research Data Librarian Nina Exner ( to set up guest lectures, training sessions or an appointment.

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