VCU Libraries presents 2023 VCU Publishing Awards for outstanding journal articles

February 27, 2023

VCU Publishing announces the second annual VCU Publishing Awards. These awards recognize scholarship and creativity from VCU Publishing's journal partners. VCU Libraries publishes five open access peer-reviewed scholarly journals. VCU Publishing also hosts the archives of the Virginia War Memorial Foundation's Mighty Pen Project, which provides creative writing instruction for veterans and their families.

Publishing partners were asked to nominate representative works from their most recent journal volumes that demonstrate VCU Publishing’s goals to advance research, creative expression and learning.

The awardees for 2023 are:

Hannah K. Sions and Courtnie N. Wolfgang, for their article "Looking Back, Looking Forward: Resisting the White Gaze in Historical Narratives and Future Possibilities of Art Education," from Vol. 41 of the Journal of Social Theory in Art Education. One of the most downloaded and read articles from the journal since its publication, the article is notable in that it is collaboratively written from a lens of inclusion through the intersectionality of feminism, queering and critical race theory, examining and resisting whiteness in and through art education, from perspectives of lived experience and textual analysis. It speaks directly and urgently to a significant issue of our times in nuanced and proactive ways of processing history with an eye to a more equitable future.  

Bryan D. Poole, Caroline Maher-Boulis, John Hearn, Jason Robinson, Patricia McClung, and Amanda Jones, for their article "A Tale of Four Departments: Interdisciplinary Faculty Learning Communities Informing Mathematics Education," from the summer 2022 issue of the Journal of Mathematics and Science: Collaborative Explorations. The paper describes the creation of  a Lee University interdisciplinary faculty learning community from the natural sciences, behavioral and social Sciences, early childhood, elementary, and special education, and mathematical sciences departments, and the resulting interventions in mathematics courses. It describes challenges and the ongoing sustainable collaboration between mathematics and partner discipline faculty. The faculty learning community benefited greatly from the Mathematical Association of America’s Curriculum Foundation project and the National Science Foundation-supported SUMMIT-P consortium. The goal of the paper is to guide and challenge readers to make use of these resources and the experience at Lee University to initiate similar collaboration at their own institutions.

Based in the VCU Libraries, VCU Publishing amplifies VCU scholarly and research findings, and provides publishing opportunities and experiences for VCU students and faculty. VCU Publishing includes a portfolio of platforms and publishing services, and seeks partnerships within VCU and the Greater Richmond community to broaden that portfolio in ways that advance research, creative expression, and learning at VCU and for the region.

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