Pride Month Reading List

June 20, 2024
A collage of various book covers
Collage by Katharine DeRosa

Pride Month presents an opportunity to reflect and learn more about the  LGBTQIA+ community. This reading list, compiled by Humanities Research Librarian John Glover, supplements an overview of VCU Libraries resources found on this online research guide.

These books are available for checkout or download by people who hold borrowing privileges. Non-alumni can secure similar borrowing privileges by joining the Friends of VCU Libraries at the $100 a year giving level.

Our Hideous Progeny, by C. E. McGill

Only This Beautiful Moment, by Abdi Nazemian

Living queer history : remembrance and belonging in a southern city, by Gregory Samantha Rosenthal

Queering Urbanism: Insurgent Spaces in the Fight for Justice, by Stathis G Yeros


Queer Exhibition Histories, by Bas Hendrikx

In Visible Archives: Queer and Feminist Visual Culture in The 1980s, by Margaret Galvan

The transgender child : a handbook for parents and professionals supporting transgender and nonbinary children, by Stephanie A. Brill

Transgender inclusion : all the things you want to ask your transgender coworker (but shouldn't), A. C. Fowlkes

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