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Spring Clean Your Courses for the Transition to Canvas


With your courses moving to Canvas, now's the perfect time to review the materials you're sharing with students. Are your courses bloated with lots of PDF scans? Are your course materials accessible and cost-effective? Are you concerned that you might have uploaded files that violate copyright law?

Join this workshop to help spring clean your courses: get rid of what you don't need or aren't supposed to be sharing, obtain better versions of existing materials, identify the easiest ways to share materials in Canvas and maximize cost savings for your students. After the workshop, you will be better prepared to:

  • Interpret copyright rules for the LMS and avoid common copyright missteps when sharing materials with students or sharing student materials
  • Find free versions of course materials at the library and beyond
  • Find more accessible versions of course materials, instead of PDF scans
  • Follow best practices for sharing web resources, including those from the library

We'll leave time for questions and share resources to help you successfully spring clean your course.

The event is free and open to all, but registration is required to receive the link to attend. For questions or accommodations, please contact the Jessica Kirschner, Open Educational Resources Librarian, at


Sponsored by VCU Libraries, CTLE, Academic Technologies and VCU Online.

Image: "My office in BBC White City" by Mike_fleming, licensed under CC BY 2.0