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Affordable Course Content

Abbey Childs

College of Humanities and Sciences

- Biology, Kinesiology, Forensic Science

- African American Studies, Psychology

- English, History, Media, Art and Text (MATX), Philosophy, Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies

- Political Science

- Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry

- Sociology


Erin Carrillo

Sergio Chaparro

John Glover

Nia Rodgers

Julie Arendt

Kelsey Cheshire


Nina Exner

Global Education Office

Teresa Doherty

Graduate School

Bettina Peacemaker
[Monroe Park Campus]

Bettina Peacemaker
[MCV Campus]

L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs Nia Rodgers
Life Sciences Erin Carrillo


Oscar Keyes

National Scholarship Office Nia Rodgers
Post-Doctoral Fellows (MCV Campus) ...

Research Communication and Publishing

Hillary Miller

Residents and House Staff John W. Cyrus
Robertson School of Media and Culture Nia Rodgers
College of Health Professions Talicia Tarver 
School of Business Janet Reid
School of Dentistry Erica Brody
School of Education Sergio Chaparro 
College of Engineering Julie Arendt
School of Medicine - Basic Sciences Departments John W. Cyrus
School of Medicine John W. Cyrus

School of Nursing

Roy Brown
School of Pharmacy Erica Brody
School of Population Health Samantha Guss
School of Social Work Kelsey Cheshire 

School of World Studies

- Anthropology, Foreign Languages, International Studies, Religious Studies

John Glover
School of the Arts

Carla-Mae Crookendale

University College Jennifer Stout

VCU Health
VCU Health Nursing 

John W. Cyrus
Roy Brown
VCU Honors College Jennifer Stout

VCU Online

Hope Kelly

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