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Advance Your Research Webinars


A series of online workshops for graduate students and advanced researchers, designed to help make your research process better, faster and smarter. A recording will be available after each session.

Sessions are held starting at noon EST. The series is free and open to all, but please register for the session you plan to attend. For questions or accommodations, please contact the VCU Libraries Events Office at or (804) 828-0593.


Amplify Marginalized Voices and Counter Structural Bias in Your Research and Scholarship
Presenters: Erica Brody, Carla-Mae Crookendale, John Glover and Hillary Miller
Feb. 2, 2022
Learn how to develop conscientious practices that can amplify marginalized voices in scholarship and counter structural bias in the research process, from searching for and citing diverse scholarship to designing inclusive research questions and methods. Session will include a panel discussion with librarians in STEM, Arts and Humanities who will explore this topic through disciplinary lenses.
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Applying for a Grant at VCU
Presenters: Nina Exner, Bettina Peacemaker and Stacey Wahl
March 16, 2022
Are you interested in applying for funding to support your graduate training? Attend this webinar to learn about resources to support your research funding journey at VCU.
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Special Collections and Archives at VCU and Beyond
Presenter: Andrea Kohashi
April 13, 2022 at noon
Learn what Special Collections and Archives at VCU has to offer and how to research collection materials.
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Previous sessions this academic year

Don't Lose It! Design a Personal (Research) Preservation Plan
Presenters: Nina Exner and Margaret Kidd
Sept. 22, 2021
Digital archiving is important to organizing, managing and preserving your essential digital documents, data and other information. In this session, we will talk about strategies to organize and preserve your most important research information, with a special emphasis on the thesis and dissertation process.
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(Nearly) Painless Literature Reviews
Presenters: Erica Brody, John Cyrus and Nia Rodgers
Oct. 13, 2021
Conducting a literature review is a multi-faceted task, requiring you to learn a variety of new skills quickly, process large amounts of information and present existing scholarship succinctly. In this session, librarians offer strategies and tools to make wrangling this complexity (nearly) painless.
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Journal Article Submission Basics
Presenters: Julie Arendt and Hillary Miller
Nov. 3, 2021
If you’ve never submitted an article to a journal, this session will demystify the process and prepare you to submit your first article. We’ll walk through the process from the corresponding author’s perspective, covering the basics of submission, peer review and final steps to publication.
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Image: Advance Your Research, by Jeff Bland