10 top services VCU Libraries provides researchers

August 12, 2015

Here are the top 10 resources available to grant writers and researchers at VCU Libraries:

  1. DMPTool – There are customized templates for data management or sharing plans for most of the funders who now require a plan with your grant. The DMPTool Help guide will get your started.
  2. Research Data Management – Need help organizing, storing, finding, or sharing data? Writing your data management plan? Contact Margaret Henderson, Director of Research Data Management. 
  3. Public Access Mandates – We can help you comply with funder mandates for public access to articles or data produced by your research. There is a special guide for the NIH Public Access Policy and a general guide, Comply with Public Access Mandates, covering all the federal funders with new mandates. This includes NIH, NSF, DOD, DOE, and NASA. And we have just the thing to help you comply…
  4. Share your articles and data – VCU Scholars Compass is a great way to make your articles, data, videos, just about anything, available on the web, with monthly readership reports so you know how many people are viewing and downloading your work.
  5. Manage your citations – VCU Libraries subscribes to RefWorks, a web-based program that will manage your citations. We also have Librarians who can help with Mendeley or Zotero.
  6. Who has cited your works? Who has used a particular research method? Learn how to use Web of Science to see who is citing your articles, book chapters and even data. Web of Science includes Social Sciences and Arts & Humanities Citation Indexes so it works for all subject areas.
  7. Research Navigator – A new resource from VCU Libraries that is a one-stop portal to resources in and outside of VCU. 
  8. Find a Protocol – We have subscriptions to many Methods and Current Protocols subjects, plus other resources with experimental procedures and methods.
  9. Searching to Support IRB or IACUC – Check out our guides on Human Subjects Research Protection and Research Animal Welfare to get some searching tip. As always, VCU Librarians are happy to help with your search; call your subject liaison.
  10. How about a little extra time? VCU Librarians are available to instruct your classes. Whether you need hands on demonstrations of library research tools, a session on finding and evaluating information on the Internet, or class on organizing research data, we can help. Fill out a request form or contact your subject liaison.

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