Construction finale: The last weeks of work bring noise

November 25, 2015

Work on new Cabell Library is edging to a close. To meet deadlines, some essential work will be done during the normally quiet exam period. Be prepared for noise--both behind construction walls and in public spaces. Quiet study spaces are on the third and fourth floors.

Remember: The end is near. Starbucks is open. Free earplugs are available at the service desk. 

November 30 - Innovative Media will move to its new space on the Lower Level of the new building. It will be closed for service from 1 a.m. Nov. 30 until 9 a.m. Dec. 1, when it is scheduled to reopen on the Lower Level. The Lower Level study space will also be open to students. This will be a "quiet" opening in that not all equipment or furnishings are installed but the space may be used during exam weeks. 

December 3 at 6 a.m. - Test of entire fire alarm system (old and new tie-in). Strobe lights and alarm horns will sound, but evacuation is not necessary.

December 4 - The exterior doors at Stair 5 (near the temporary loading dock) will be replaced.  This exterior door will return to being an emergency exit only. 

December 5 - Full building power outage starting at 7 a.m. and lasting for 90 minutes to test the battery life of fire alarm devices. Following this will be a full-load test of the emergency generator. Everything should be back to normal by 9:30 a.m.

December 7 - Beginning this week and continuing for possibly several days, workers will be installing new metal shelving in the staff area in the lobby. Students studying on the first floor and second floor should prepare to hear metal clanging. 

December 15-16 - Information Services staff and the service desk functions will move to prominent new space in the new lobby.  

December 16-18 - Furniture and computers on the "old" first floor will be moved out temporarily. 

December 21-23 - First floor carpet will be replaced.  

Other work that will take place over the winter break and intersession includes:

  • Demolishing the current Information Services desk and rebuilding it as the printer corral;
  • Replacing the main elevator lobby graphics due to construction damage;
  • Repairing the elevator cabs damaged during construction;
  • Cleaning and sealing the granite floor tile;
  • Demolishing the temporary Innovative Media space on the third floor and returning it to study space.
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