Growth and breadth of scholarship on leadership topics reflected in expanding collection

March 26, 2015

Leadership education is fast becoming an area of focus at VCU. Opportunities abound for those interested in leadership education. The newly established Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) is for students in the Honors College while the VCU Leaders Engaging in Advanced Discovery (LEAD) program places sophomores and higher-level students in a two-year immersive leadership curriculum in addition to their chosen field of study. 

At the graduate level, the M.Ed. /M.B.A. Dual Degree Program in the Center for Sports Leadership includes curriculum that, while not specifically targeted on leadership education, delves into the subject matter of leadership research. One example is the course Organizational Leadership and Project Team Management (MGMT 541). Students engaged in research for this class would need access to leadership education resources. In addition, a leadership-focused Ph.D. program is in the approval process. This new program will provide mid-level executives with the knowledge and skills that will enable them to excel in the formulation and implementation of policy as leaders in public, private and non-profit sector organizations.

Along with these programs, VCU offers 15 new courses in leadership education. Seven are in undergraduate programs and eight are in the proposed doctoral progam.

To support this new emphasis on leadership education at VCU at all academic levels, VCU Libraries is now building a “Collection of Distinction for Leadership Education.” From Warren Bennis to Peter Senge, from Ronald Heifetz to Margaret Wheatley, the collection brims with works by leaders in the field.  

"This collection will include the seminal literature of leadership education including journals, books and ebooks," says Pattie Sobczak. As the Business and Public Affairs Collections Librarian, she is responsible for organizing the collection and making decisions and purchases. Since leadership crosses all disciplines, this collection will support leadership education at all levels of scholarship and across the spectrum of disciplines.

Have suggestions or questions for Dr. Sobczak as she works on the collection? Contact her at or (804) 828-2729. 

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