Learn how to host journals and conference proceedings in Scholars Compass

September 21, 2015

Hosting Journals and Conference Proceedings with Scholars Compass will be the topic Oct. 19 for a lunch presentation, noon to 1 p.m., James  Branch Cabell Library, Room 250. 

Please sign up for lunch, which is provided at no charge.  

Speakers Melanie Buffington and Audrey Trussell will discuss integrating their work with Scholars Compass. Buffington is an Associate Professor of Art Education and the Editor of the Journal of Social Theory in Art Education (JSTAE). JSTAE “serves as an alternative voice for the field of art education through the promotion of scholarly research that addresses social issues, action, and transformation as well as creative methods of research and writing.” This is the first journal made available on Scholars Compass. Trussel is the Assistant to the Vice Provost in the Division of Community Engagement (DCE). She worked closely with Scholars Compass to make content from the DCE’s Community-Engaged Research Institute and Service-Learning Institute openly available online. Both projects share scholarly materials with people who likely do not have access to this type of academic research, which has broad applications in classrooms and in nonprofits.

Topics covered in this event include the rationale for making scholarly content openly available online, the benefits of increased access for practitioners and others outside an academic setting, the kinds of permissions needed from authors to publish their works online, preservation of authors’ rights, using licensing to permit reuse of the online content, the time and resources necessary for planning and publishing, and benefits of using Scholars Compass as a publishing platform.

This event will serve as an introduction to Scholars Compass for those who are unfamiliar with it, and will be especially interesting to those who play a role in the production of journals or other publications, those who are involved in planning conferences, symposia, or other scholarly events, and those who are interested in making these kinds of content more widely available.

This event is part of Open Access Week, an international observance. 

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