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Student art exhibit "50: a measure, a marker, a milestone" carries $500 prize

November 6, 2018

As Virginia Commonwealth University marks its 50th anniversary in 2018-19, the VCU Libraries invites students to submit their own vision or artistic articulation of “50” for a special anniversary exhibition on the Cabell Screen. Work can take the form of still images (photography or illustration), gifs or short videos. The Cabell Screen has no sound. Judging criteria will include:

  • Creative execution
  • Interpretation of the number/concept 50
  • Connection to VCU
  • Effectiveness for the Cabell Screen format

The contest is open to all students--full- or part-time, undergraduate or graduate-level. The Cabell Library Screen Committee will judge submissions along with a student representative from a VCU Libraries student advisory group.

The creator of the best work will receive a $500 prize. Their work will be shown, along with other finalists, on the screen during the closing weeks of 2018 and into the spring semester 2019.

  • Deadline for submissions: No later than Sunday, Dec. 16 at midnight
  • Judging will take place: Monday, Dec. 17
  • The winner will be announced: Tuesday, Dec. 18  
  • The exhibit “50: a measure, a marker, a milestone”, including works by others selected by the judges along with that of the winner, will be shown on the screen starting Dec. 24.  

Full details about the Cabel Screen format guidelines 

How to submit to 50: a measure, a marker, a milestone 

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