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Sept. 17-18 bed bugs inspection complete: All study areas open at Cabell Library

September 18, 2019

An investigation about reported bed bugs at James Branch Cabell Library that began Friday, September. 13, is now complete. 

Cabell Library showed no evidence of bed bugs in a full building inspection conducted during the overnight hours of September 17 and September 18, 2019. The five-hour inspection was conducted by a NESDCA-certified canine scent detection team that specializes in detecting any trace of the presence of bed bugs.

The dog-handler team’s work is highly credible, and this particular team has inspected many commercial and government properties over the 11 years they have been working together. One of their more notable recent assignments was a thorough inspection of an aircraft carrier, where reliable detection by the team is absolutely necessary to ensure the health and safety of thousands of sailors who work and live in very close quarters.

All closed-off areas in Cabell Library have been reopened for use. The Starbucks seating area will remain temporarily closed for a routine deep cleaning not related to the bed bug inspection and should reopen today.

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