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Sept. 26: Cabell Library investigating student’s report of bed bugs in building

September 26, 2019

On the morning of Thursday, September 26, VCU Libraries confirmed a student report of seeing three bed bugs on a chair in Cabell Library, located on the first floor near the atrium in front of Starbucks.

Library facilities employees, who saw one bed bug, immediately removed and isolated the chair and three others nearby.

Pest control specialists assessed the situation. The furniture will be treated before it is returned to public areas. 

VCU Libraries conducted a full building canine inspection for bed bugs in the overnight hours of September 16 and 17. No evidence of bed bugs was found during the inspection. 

Pest control specialists indicate that the bed bugs found in Cabell Library September 26 was brought in by a visitor to the library after the inspection last week. Bed bugs commonly affix themselves to backpacks, satchels and the like. 

VCU Libraries actively evaluates any reports of bed bugs.

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