Please donate to VCU Libraries 2024 Giving Day priorities

March 18, 2024

VCU Giving Day is a new annual tradition at VCU. On this Giving Day, VCU Libraries asks you to make a gift in support of one of these Important initiatives:

  • The Friends of VCU Libraries Scholarship: The Friends of the VCU Libraries Scholarship supports a student to help defray the costs of tuition, food and housing, books, technology and equipment, graduate school applications and more.
  • Advancing Affordable Course Content: Studies show that students spend up to $1,500 each year on textbooks and class supplies. For many Rams, that expense can feel like an insurmountable burden. Your support of VCU Libraries eases the burden on students by helping faculty transition from expensive, printed textbooks to free and adaptable open educational resources and library materials.
  • The Special Collections and Archives Endowment. When you support the Special Collections Archives Endowment, you help nurture intellectual discovery and preserve rare and unique history. 

Each of these fundraising priorities have matches that increase the value of your gifts. 

  • Friends of the VCU Libraries Challenge: Ease the financial burden for students. VCU Libraries retiree Pam Fraga will give the VCU Libraries Scholarship fund $5,000 if 50 people support it from March 24 through April 24. 
  • Help VCU instructors transition from costly textbooks to free and low-cost course materials. If the Open and Affordable Course Content Initiative receives 25 gifts between March 24 and April 24, the fund earns an extra $5,000, thanks to the generosity of Leslie Brown, special assistant for special projects to the senior vice president and CFO. 
  • Collection Preservation Challenge: 100 gifts to any VCU Libraries area of impact March 24-April 24 unlock $10,000 for the Special Collections Endowment from Elizabeth Roderick and John Kneebone, Ph.D.

Donors: Please join us by making a gift for our third annual Giving Day on April 24 and share the news of your gift and why you support VCU Libraries on your social media channels. Gifts made March 24-April 24  will count toward Giving Day 2024. 

Gifts may be made online or by contacting the development office.  All checks should be made payable to "VCU Foundation" with the particular fund written on the memo line. Checks should be mailed to:

VCU Libraries c/o VCU Office of Development and Alumni Relations
Box 843042
Richmond, VA 23284-3042

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