Black History Month Lectures

VCU Libraries celebrates the African-American experience and achievements in art, culture, history, literature and the sciences through featuring engaging speakers from diverse backgrounds. 

The image shows a black woman standing in a hospital hallway in her white coat smiling and looking at the camera with arms crossed in front of her

02/06/2024 VCU Libraries' 24th Black History Month Lecture 

Narrative Medicine and Identity 
Featuring physician and cartoonist Shirlene Obuobi, M.D.

02/23/2023 VCU Libraries' 23rd Black History Month Lecture 

Musical Crossroads a history of Black music
Featuring the Smithsonian’s Dwandalyn Reece, Ph.D.

02/10/2022 VCU Libraries' 22nd Black History Month Lecture  

On Juneteenth 
Featuring Pulitzer-Prize winning historian Annette Gordon-Reed

02/03/2021 VCU Libraries' 21st Black History Month Lecture  

Franchise: The Golden Arches in Black America
Featuring historian Marcia Chatelain, Ph.D.

02/11/2020 VCU Libraries' 20th Black History Month Lecture  

Red, White, Black and Blue, a cartoon slideshow that tackles racial illiteracy in America. 
Featuring award-winning cartoonist Keith Knight

02/20/2019 VCU Libraries' 19th Black History Month Lecture  

We Return. We Return from Fighting. We Return Fighting.
Featuring Christy Coleman, Adriane Lentz-Smith, Ph.D, Kiara discussing treatment of Black veterans

02/15/2018 VCU Libraries' 18th Black History Month Lecture  

Stamped from the Beginning 
Featuring award-winning historian Ibram X. Kendi

02/09/2017 VCU Libraries' 17th Black History Month Lecture  

The Underground Railroad 
Featuring National Book Award–winning writer Colson Whitehead


02/04/2016 VCU Libraries' 16th Black History Month Lecture   

They Shoot Black People, Don’t They?
Featuring nationally known editorial cartoonist Keith Knight on racism and policing

02/10/2015 VCU Libraries' 15th Black History Month Lecture 

Still Separate, Still Unequal
Featuring ACLU Racial Justice Program Director Dennis Parker

02/04/2014 VCU Libraries' 14th Black History Month Lecture 

A Century of Strides
Featuring Girl Scouts of the Commonwealth of Virginia CEO Viola O. Baskerville

02/22/2013 VCU Libraries' 13th Black History Month Lecture 

Justice for All?
Featuring formerly unjustly incarcerated Marvin Anderson and Innocence Project attorney Peter Neufeld

02/22/2012 VCU Libraries' 12th Black History Month Lecture 

Brainwashed: Challenging the Myth of Black Inferiority
Featuring advertising executive and author Tom Burrell

02/10/2011 VCU Libraries' 11th Black History Month Lecture 

An Evening with Melissa Harris-Perry
Featuring television commentator Melissa Harris-Perry

02/09/2010 VCU Libraries' 10th Black History Month Lecture 

50 Years After the Student-led Sit-ins: Where are we now?
Featuring Jenny Jones, Napoleon Peoples, Jill Rowe and Shawn Utsey


02/10/2009 VCU Libraries' 9th Black History Month Lecture

The Physical Presence of Slavery in Richmond, Virginia
Featuring Maureen G. Elgersman Lee, Del.  Delores McQuinn and Jeffrey Ruggles


A photo of Darryl Harper playing clarinet.

02/04/2009 VCU Libraries' 8th Black History Month Lecture 

The C3 Project: Looking Forward, Looking Black


02/12/2008 VCU Libraries' 7th Black History Month Lecture

Richmond Women in the Civil Rights Movement
Featuring Ora Lomax, Elizabeth Johnson Rice and Hilda Warden


02/27/2007  VCU Libraries' 6th Black History Month Lecture 

Langston Hughes and the Harlem Renaissance
Featuring Ron McCurdy, Ph.D., and Diane Richardson, Ph.D.



02/28/2006 VCU Libraries' 5th Black History Month Lecture  

Empower the People 
Presented by Tony Brown


02/19/2006 VCU Libraries' 4th Black History Month Lecture 

New Boy 
Featuring Julian Houston


02/15/2005 VCU Libraries' 3rd Black History Month Lecture 

And Still I Sing: African-American Women in Three Musical Traditions
Featuring Christopher Brooks, Ph.D.


02/24/2004 VCU Libraries' 2nd Black History Month Lecture 

The Road to Brown: The Prince Edward County Student Strike, 1951
A panel featuring Brian Grogan, John Kneebone, Edward H. Peeples, Joy Cabarrus Speakes, John Stokes and Sammy Williams 


02/26/2003 VCU Libraries' 1st Black History Month Lecture 

Separate but Not Equal: Race, Education and Virginia 
A roundtable discussion of the mid-20th century civil rights movement 
Featuring panel discussions with Jean Fairfax, Vonita Foster, Ph.D., Rev. Curtis Harris, Rev. Haslip “Happy” Lee, State Sen. Henry Marsh III, and Edward Peeples, Ph.D. Moderated by Honorable James W. Benton Jr.