Graphic arts student wins 2023 Friends design contest

July 19, 2023

T-shirts are being sold online  All sale proceeds benefit VCU Libraries. 

Brianna Brown is the winner of the fourth annual Friends of VCU Libraries Design Contest. Brown, a sophomore graphics design major, received a $500 prize for winning the contest.

After completing her freshman year at VCU, Brianna wants to experience as many opportunities as she can in graphic design. She looks forward to honing her skills as a graphics artist, and is excited to see where this path takes her. So far in her time at VCU, Brown appreciates the creative freedom allowed in the arts program. 

The Friends’ annual design contest accepts submissions from recent alumni and current students.  

The prompt for the design was: “What is your interpretation of VCU Libraries”? Brown views the VCU Libraries as a whole. “Like a variety pack like, there's so many different things to do at the libraries other than the academic,” Brown said. When asked how she uses the library, Brown said she spends most of her time collaborating with friends and classmates, or finding a quiet nook to study (or nap) on the third floor when she needs alone time.

Brown sketched her design on Procreate, a graphics editing app that allows users to draw and brush digitally. She then uploaded her sketch to Adobe Illustrator to finalize it.

Brown’s winning design may also be used for other VCU Libraries materials such as thank-you cards, tote bags and a Cabell Screen exhibit. The artist retains copyright.

T-shirts are being sold online  All sale proceeds benefit VCU Libraries. 

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