• Spring  Anticipating more significant budget reductions for FY 2024, the Libraries begins planning for a $200,000 cut to the collections budget, focusing on unbundling the Springer  journals package.


  • Fall The Libraries learns that unavoidable cost increases would not be funded. In addition, the Libraries received a 4% budget reduction, setting the stage for the possibility of future cuts to the collections.


  • August  New website about journal collections launched
  • August VCU Libraries Collections librarians prepare report on possible cancellations
  • Fall semester List of possible cancellations announced and published for comments
  • Throughout fall semester, liaison librarians meet with faculty in schools they work with to brief them on “Big Deal” negotiations
  • Fall semester VCU Libraries hosts series of open ‘town hall” style meetings scheduled to discuss journal collection with faculty
  • Dean of Libraries discusses Big Deal negotiations with Dean’s Council and Associate Provosts
  • October VCU Libraries successfully concludes negotiations with Elsevier for a new contract effective Jan. 1, 2022 through Dec. 31, 2024
  • Restoration of university funds, combined with reductions in costs from some publishers, eliminated the need for additional cancellations in FY 2022. 

VCU Libraries communications on journal sustainability