The Reflection Room

The Reflection Room, room 212 in Cabell Library, is for individual quiet reflection, meditation, contemplation, or prayer. Guidelines for use of the space are:

    • Silence and mutual respect are expected at all times.
    • All electronic devices should be in silent mode. Headphones or earbuds must be used for audio.
    • The room is not to be used as a lounge, meeting, nap, or study space.
    • The space is available on a first come, first-served basis. The room can be used by multiple people at the same time.
    • Food and beverages are discouraged.
    • No candles, incense, or any other flammable items are permitted. No strong fragrances.
    • Please leave the space as you found it. VCU Libraries is not responsible for unattended items. Items left behind will be taken to Lost & Found at the Information Desk.
    • VCU Libraries employees maintain the space and may enter periodically.

Have questions or feedback about the Reflection Room? Please contact Laura W. Gariepy, Associate Dean for Research & Learning, VCU Libraries, at