Fines and fees

  • VCU Libraries does not charge daily overdue fines on books from our general collections. 
  • VCU Libraries charges overdue fines for books in some specialized collections, such as Course Reserves, Study Skills, Common Book, reference, etc. 
  • VCU Libraries charges overdue fines for items returned late that are not books from the general collection, such as calculators, DVDs, equipment from The Workshop, etc.
  • Items not returned may be declared lost if they are very overdue and patrons may be charged a replacement fee. When lost items are returned, the replacement fee is credited to your library account, leaving the $10 lost item processing fee to be paid.
  • VCU Libraries charges damage repair fees for items that were damaged while on loan to a user. This fee varies from $20 (if the item can be repaired by rebinding) to the full replacement cost (if the item cannot be repaired and is declared a total loss).
  • Community borrowers who have an outstanding library balance of more than $5 are not able to borrow from our collection. Students, staff, and faculty who have an outstanding library balance of more than $25 are not able to borrow from our collection. Payment can be made in person or online.
  • To pay your library fees online, check your library account for the amount due, then use a credit/debit card to pay fees online with our secure website. Select the correct fee payment type (Fine and Fee Payments for VCU Libraries items or Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Fine and Fee Payments) to ensure proper posting. Payments will be posted to your library account and library holds on your university account will be cleared within 1 business day. 

Fine type

Daily/hourly fine

Replacement Fee

Books from VCU Libraries general collections



Books from other VCU Libraries collections
(e.g. Reference and Study Skills)

$1 per day


DVD, CD, and other audio / video items

$1 per day

$90 minimum

Course reserve items and calculators

$5 per hour

$90 minimum

Equipment (surge protectors, adapters,  etc.)

$1 per hour

Based on actual cost

Creative Technology equipment

(The Workshop, Health Sciences Library)

$10 per day

Based on actual cost

Lost VCU Libraries items

  • Books from VCU Libraries that are not returned within 28 days after the due date and short term loans such as course reserve items, DVDs/CDs, other audio/video items and equipment like calculators and surge protectors not returned within 4 days will automatically be declared lost. The minimum replacement fee for lost VCU Libraries items varies by type of material and library, ranging from $80 for books from Cabell Library to $140 for books from Health Sciences Library.
  • Creative Technology equipment not returned within 7 days after the due date will automatically be declared lost. There is no standard replacement fee for equipment; fees for equipment are based on the actual replacement costs for the item that is lost. 
  • In addition to the replacement fee, you will also be charged a non-refundable $10 lost item processing fee for each item that is declared lost.
  • If items in your possession have been declared lost, a financial hold will be placed on your university account and your borrowing privileges will be suspended. Users will not be able to register for courses, access grades, receive a diploma or request a transcript until all lost items are either paid for or returned. Lost item bills not resolved within 90 days are sent to VCU Collections for processing.
  • Returning a lost item will remove the replacement fee from your account, but the lost item processing fee and any applicable overdue fines will remain. Students are able to register for class or request a transcript once lost items have been returned.
  • If you pay the lost item fee and then find and return the item within 6 months from the date of payment, VCU Libraries will refund the replacement cost you have paid.

Lost interlibrary loan items

Interlibrary loan items not returned within 14 days after the due date or by the recall due date are automatically declared lost. The minimum lost fee is $135 ($110 replacement cost plus non-refundable $25 processing fee). 

Food for Fines

VCU Libraries is supporting the Ram Pantry@VCU, by offering an alternative for anyone who owes overdue fines for library items.

For each food item a person donates, VCU Libraries will forgive $5 in overdue fines, up to $30 maximum per semester. Fees to repair damaged items or to replace lost items are not eligible for this program. The food drive semesters are as follows:  

  • Spring: January 1 - April 30 
  • Summer: May 1 - August 31 
  • Fall: September 1 - December 31

Not sure what to donate? Here’s a suggestion list. Any non-perishable food is acceptable. No open containers or foods past the expiration date will be accepted. If you have any questions, please call us at 804-828-1111 during our open hours


For more information about paying your lost item fee, contact VCU Libraries staff at Cabell Library (804 828-1111) or Health Sciences Library (804 828-0636).