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Open access support

Open access is the free, immediate, online availability of research articles coupled with the rights to use these articles fully in the digital environment. Open access journals are available for nearly every area of research. For help with identifying and evaluating open access publications, contact the library liaison for your subject area or the Scholarly Communications Librarian

Why open access?

  • Promotes accelerated discovery, allowing researchers to read and build on findings without delay or restriction.
  • Provides an alternative to high-cost, unsustainable commercial publishing.
  • Removes paywall barriers, enabling more equitable access for students and researchers throughout the world.
  • Satisfies requirement of many public and private funding agencies to make articles open access.

Types of support

Funding Support

VCU Libraries provides support for open access publishing with some publishers that require article processing charges. If you want to publish an open access article with one of these publishers, view the full guidelines and author instructions.

  • Wiley: Article processing charges for fully open access Wiley journals are covered by VCU’s membership with VIVA (Virginia’s academic library consortium). 
  • Royal Society of Chemistry: VCU's subscription to RSC journals includes article processing charges for up to 18 VCU authored articles each year. 

The VCU Libraries Open Access Publishing Fund was decommissioned on May 15, 2020. Funding from VCU Libraries is no longer available to subsidize authors’ article processing charges (APCs) required by some open access journals. VCU Libraries encourages authors to pursue funds from other sources, such as grant or departmental funds, to pay for the full cost of article fees.


VCU Libraries is a member and supporting institution of organizations that advocate for and support sustainable publishing infrastructure for open access books, journals, and educational resources.