Makerspace and studio usage guidelines


All users must attend an orientation on each piece of equipment before booking for individual use. Orientations will be requested via webform; users will specify which equipment they want to learn about and indicate their availability for an orientation session.

Space Use

The makerspace will be open and accessible during open library hours. While food is not allowed in the space, drinks with lids are okay. Users should be careful not to expose equipment to liquids, and should clean up any spills promptly. 

Scheduling Prints

Users will book equipment in advance, or may use equipment on a walk-in basis if the equipment is not already booked. For walk-in availability, please see the service desk. Bookings will be made through the LibCal reservation system. Maximum booking time is 6 hours. Reservations are subject to approval, with 30 minutes of padding in between reservations.

All prints should be started before 5pm while full-time staff is available to provide support. All prints must be finished by the time the library closes, or they will be canceled at closing time; equipment will not be left running after the library has closed. 

Once a print is started, users should plan to spend about 5-10 minutes monitoring their print to ensure it is running successfully and does not fail to adhere to the buildplate. Completed prints should be picked up promptly from the makerspace. If they need to be moved in order to start another print, they will be held for pickup at the service desk.

3D Print Specifications

Prints should be no more than 6 hours of estimated print time, unless approved by library staff. Prints should not be more than 60% infill. No weapons or drug paraphernalia will be printed, and users should note that 3D printed objects are not food safe, so they should not be used to make objects that come into contact with food or drink. Users must also comply with all applicable copyright laws, as well as the VCU Computer and Network Resources Use Policy. 

Users are welcome to choose a color from the available filament supply. Staff will assist with filament changes unless the user has demonstrated that they are comfortable changing filament on their own. The booking form includes an option to indicate a color preference and/or a need for help changing filament, and users can also request help with filament changes at the service desk. 

Troubleshooting and Reporting issues

For help with print set-up, users should consult the Health Sciences Library Makerspace LibGuide which include self-guided help for using equipment and troubleshooting issues. Issues should be reported by email to Users are also welcome to check at the service desk to see if a staff member is available to assist them, but depending on the severity of the problem or availability of staffing, they may not be able to receive immediate assistance.